Learn advanced spinal decompression marketing strategies to incorporate spinal decompression treatment into your existing chiropractic office.TD™ Spinal Decompression Marketing Program
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Welcome to the Total Decompression Membership Site

You are just moments away from having immediate access to dozens of spinal decompression clinical and marketing training modules, resources, "done for you" spinal decompression marketing pieces, archives of TD™ webinar coaching calls, and much more!

Watch the video below to learn how to navigate this site, and begin building your spinal decompression practice with clinical excellence, multi-market tested spinal decompression marketing resources, and access to the TD™ Marketing Concierge to take implementation off your plate.

PowerPoint for Patient Dinner Seminars
PowerPoint for Patient Dinner Seminars This is a truly amazing PowerPoint full of animations that you can use during your patient dinner seminars for spinal decompression. Make sure you watch this video several times so you can be completely comfortable with the presentation. . . . continue reading
Patient Education Seminars
Patient Education Seminars If you are the type of doctor that enjoys speaking in a seminar format, then this section will teach you exactly how to easily and effectively put on and promote a successful lunch or dinner seminar to attract spinal decompression patients. . . . continue reading
Dr. Handford's Time Management Strategies for Work, Family & Fun!
Dr. Handford's Time Management Strategies for Work, Family & Fun! Do you struggle to get things done throughout the day? Are you always battling which tasks to do first? Do you have an actual written plan for each day? This video will give you some pertinent resources that will allow you to accomplish more in 1 day than most do in an entire month. . . . continue reading
Knock 'em Out Plans for Effectively Using Radio
Knock 'em Out Plans for Effectively Using Radio Don't waste money trying to figure out the radio game for decompression marketing. Radio can be tricky at first but once you know how to negotiate your contracts and also how to make the radio ads more effective your advertising dollars will go along way. You will have a killer ROI. . . . continue reading
Strategies for Local Newspaper Advertising
Strategies for Local Newspaper Advertising Don't waste money trying to "figure out" how to negotiate with the newspaper ad reps...I will share with you how to reduce your newspaper advertising costs. Also, in this video you will learn when to run insert vs in-line ads and which size ad is the best for decompression marketing. . . . continue reading
5 Keys To Outdoor Billboard Success
5 Keys To Outdoor Billboard Success The first question you're thinking is 'Can I afford to advertise on outdoor billboards?' and in this segment I show you how you can talk the language of billboard advertising to make sure that you're not paying too much. These 5 keys to outdoor billboard success are crucial to making sure you don't waste money on this type of advertising for your spinal decompression clinic . . . continue reading
Coffee News-Style or Small Paper Ads
Coffee News-Style or Small Paper Ads Be on the lookout for small, local papers that will give you exclusivity to advertise your practice and none of your competition. You typically have more negotiating power with these type of papers because they always NEED your business . . . continue reading
Payment Solution To Start Every Patient Regardless of Credit
Payment Solution To Start Every Patient Regardless of Credit Many of the financing options that are available to chiropractors are becoming more strict in regards to the level of credit your patients must have before being approved. Most are experiencing between 40-70% of their patients being declined due to credit requirements. This program allows you to start every patient regardless of their credit history. . . . continue reading
Rock Solid New Patient Phone Script (AKA: The PINK Sheet)
Rock Solid New Patient Phone Script (AKA: The PINK Sheet) You MUST have every single person on your team watch this video training. That initial phone call with a new patient is that patients first impression of your office and you want to always project competence and professionalism. This training will walk your staff through the proper way to handle new patients. . . . continue reading
Contents of the Treatment Folder for NEW Spinal Decompression Patients
Contents of the Treatment Folder for NEW Spinal Decompression Patients After the ROF, when you start a new spinal decompression patient in your office, there are several things that you must cover with the patient. This training video will cover the various items that should be included with the new treatment folder that your team will have prepared. You can either have a team member go over the contents of this folder or you as the doctor could do it. . . . continue reading
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Here's what doctors are saying...
"I have been doing spinal decompression for over 5 years, and within a week of utilizing Dr. Handford's training I increased my case average over 300%....with no decrease in the number of patients electing to start care. I've only scratched the surface of the marketing materials he has in his arsenal but everything I've used so far has been tremendously profitable. If you're brand new to decompression or you're like me and you thought it had simply dried up, I can't recommend his system highly enough!"
Dr. Jonathan Walker
PI Marketing Elite
Ocala, FL

"My practice introduced non-surgical decompression to SC in 2003, I would like to suggest that Dr Handford is perfect to be teaching this subject in a world where everyone thinks himself an "expert"...He has the experience and the tools to teach this from experience. I heartily recommend this man as the best man for the job."
Dr. Lee Popwell
Greenville, SC

"In these economic times you helped us raise our fees. You confronted me with a simpler approach for my ROF and my patients get it and understand it. Thank you for making my practice more fun and profitable."
Drs. Keith & Kelley H.
Charlotte, NC